About PIXL

The Oxford Perceptual Intelligence and Extended Reality Lab (PIXL) is a computer vision research group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford led by Prof Ronald Clark. Specifically, the group works on problems such as photorealistic scene capture and rendering, object detection and pose estimation, generative models, uncertainty and optimization for vision systems.

The team at PIXL has been engaged in cutting-edge work that pushes the boundaries of computer vision and machine perception. Notably, our members have:

  • Helped to advance the state of the art of intelligent home robots, including vacuum cleaners, that possess the capability to navigate seamlessly and construct detailed maps of their environment.
  • Enabled new perception capabilities in atmospheric science by creating methods for reconstructing 3D cloud fields in the sky, paving the way for a better understanding of atmospheric phenomena.
  • Pioneered new methods for creating real-time photorealistic reconstructions that have the potential to provide immersive and authentic VR/AR experiences.

By combining geometric vision with the latest advancements in deep learning, PIXL aims to enable the next generation of perception capabilities.